We can’t opt out for nutrition. We have to eat and drink. Therefore we have to watch what we put in our bodies as Hippocrates,  father of medicine said: “ let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.

On size fits all does not fit everyone.

Every person has different DNA and biochemical makeup , some are fast some slow metabolizers, so we individualize your diet plan according to how you are. Diet plans are based on Food sensitivity testing performed with Vega machine or biofeedback device ( aka reading the electrical field of you body and measuring compatibilities of foods against those frequencies.) This explains why eggs are good for some people but not for others.

Diet And Nutrition

60 -80% of your immune system comes from your digestion, specifically, gut-associated lymphoid tissue, that works to protect the body from foreign invasion. So ,it is very important to eat right for your body, otherwise , your immune system will get activated and cause autoimmune disease.


Microorganisms, that live in symbiotic relationship with the body, will consume the food and drinks you put in, and get out of balance if you make poor dietary choices ( i.e E.coli, the most common urinary tract infection cause, lives in our body symbiotically , but when body is under a stress from eating too much sugar, it leads to overgrowth and causes infection, signalling that body is out balance) also good example are our beneficial bacteria that protect our immune system ( acidophilus bifidus ). They are highly sensitive to foods we eat. That is why we often prescribe prebiotics ( foods that that feed beneficial bacteria), probitoics ( food that contain beneficial bacteria) and or the combo of the two.. It is important to listen to your body and be aware of possible reactions to food as repetitive use of those can lead to serious diseases ( i.e Rheumatoid arthritis is one of those autoimmune diseases highly related to gluten senstiviity). For example when you consume caffeinated drinks or eat or drink sugary drinks or food, the initial reaction to sugar or caffeine is so satisfying that you don pay attention to what follows shortly after and that is energy crash and feeling down.

It is important to eat real food, locally grown, ideally organic, free range at least, fresh, seasonal ( meaning not eating strawberries or tomatoes in winter time) not packaged (if you can’t recognize or read items on packaged food , it is not good for you). If you do so, I am positive that you will stay healthy and free of disease and even be able to reverse a dis-ease.

Chronic illness in our industrialized nation is progressively getting worse with availability of fast foods, convenience foods, packaged foods ,fake foods, canned food, that are suppose to make our lives easier in todays busy world.

People don’t have time to worry about how their food was grown or even worse to take time to prepare food properly, from scratch. But there is the price we have to pay for this.

Not that long ago, 1988 when US general surgeon acknowledged the benefits of a good diet in prevention of most common killlers like CHD,( coronary heart disease, stroke, atherosclerosis, diabetes and some cancers), food had finally began to be recognized as the important healing force.

“Leave your drugs in the cheimist’s pot if you can cure the patient with food” ( Hippocrates, father of medicine, 420 BC)

Why Nutraceutical supplements?

There are not very many places in the world that have been spared from the effects of our living habits. Environmental pollution, overuse of pesticides ( US each year uses 1.2 billion pounds  at lest, which equals to 13-14 lbs per person per year)  , insecticides, and global warming have led to toxic and denatured soil ( our soils are depleted of  vital trace minerals such as selenium, chromium, vanadium, boron, molybdenum germanium, silica and more) , as well as use of GMO seeds suggest that supplementation may be necessary to achieve optimal health and even more to reverse disease

In addition to demineralized soil, nutrients have been lost in the storage, transportation, processing and preparation of food.

Supplementation can be only temporary until deficiencies have been optimized and healthy eating habits established.

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