Botanical medicine is the oldest, safest and most widely used form of medicine without side effects experienced with use of pharmaceutical prescription drugs.

Some of the prescription drugs are made of part of plants, i.e aspirin is made from White willow bark. However, isolating the component of herbs, and concentrating it into a powerful medicine you are more likely to create side effects whereas using the whole herb you preserve the protective power of the plant and unnecessary complications.

Herbal preparations are used for both prevention and treatment of your problems. They treat the cause not just the symptoms of the disease.

Botanical Medicine

Botanical medicine is natural but that does not mean it is always safe and should not be used , in chronic cases, without professional advice, especially if you are taking prescription drugs concurrently with herbs. Many herbs have more than one action and choosing the right combination, ratio, and dosage are key in successful treatment.


Herbal preparation come in different forms depending on its bioavailability , concentration required to treat, patient preference and individuality.

Tablets are often used when we need a higher concentration, liquid preparation for customizing remedies and where experiencing taste of the herbs is required and oils for topical treatments and teas.

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